Join the International Dental Co-op with ZOS


The opportunity

Zosseo Overland Support is a nonprofit organization based in Seattle that welcomes dentists around the world to collaborate on meaningful medical missions in Africa.

At ZOS, our mission is to connect essential dental services with the most underserved communities in East Africa. As we expand throughout Kenya and beyond, we’re recruiting adventurous dental professionals to help shape our short-term programs and join our cause in the field.

Our vision is to build a sustainable co-op where dentists have a voice in how we empower local East African communities to achieve good oral health.

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The Model

With few properly trained oral health professionals in East Africa, it’s unrealistic to rely on the public healthcare infrastructure to deliver services in remote regions. As a result, cases of oral disease continue to go untreated. East Africa needs a cost-effective and sustainable plan for intervention that impacts people now, regardless of location or socioeconomic status.

Equipped with an all-terrain vehicle as a base of operations in the field, our model offers unique opportunities for medical and non-medical professionals to help meet the oral health care needs of rural communities. Our vehicle is a self-sufficient container for medical supplies, a transporter of health care professionals and lodging for energetic volunteers—all on (big) wheels. Using a mobile method of service delivery, we can reliably traverse unpaved and sandy roads into the least accessible regions of East Africa, effectively reaching those who cannot reach us.

In partnership with international nonprofit organizations and local clinics, we offer screenings, preliminary exams, cleanings, extractions and occasionally restorations, all at no cost to the patient. Additionally, we integrate educational components into our programs that benefit both healthcare professionals and the general public.


The request

A trip with ZOS offers volunteers both challenging and highly rewarding experiences to serve impoverished communities where oral health care professionals are practically nonexistent. From beginning to end, we work together to ensure a successful and memorable mission in the field. By offering your dental expertise to disadvantaged communities through ZOS once per year, we can amplify the impact of your support and improve the lives of thousands of children and adults.

We welcome you to join us in shaping and strengthening our vision for better oral healthcare in East Africa. If you've ever considered volunteering your expertise abroad, we'd love to hear from you.