Treatment and Preventative Care

The primary goal of Zosseo Overland Support programs is to deliver treatment and preventative care for East Africans through mobile clinics. Though the needs of each community inform our activities, we typically provide extractions, preventive tooth decay treatments, tooth reconstructions, common pediatric oral care, dental health screenings and other care. For those experiencing oral pain or discomfort, Zosseo Overland Support aims both to eliminate the source of pain and minimize the damage of infections. In the event that a patient requires intensive surgery that cannot be performed in the field, Zosseo Overland Support provides referrals and logistical support.

As a mobile clinic, Zosseo Overland Support works in conjunction with partners to identify rural areas of East Africa that are inaccessible to most medical providers. This process ensures we reach communities that need the most support.


Educational Clinics

At each of our educational clinics, our goals are 1) to enable East African communities to value good oral health and 2) provide them with the knowledge and tools to prevent oral disease. Many East Africans understandably associate oral pain and discomfort with high medical costs, which discourages them from seeking the treatment they need. Due to this barrier, Zosseo Overland Support teaches low-cost methods of oral care while educating communities about the causes of oral diseases.

We also provide medical instruction for local professionals by teaching new techniques, technologies, and sharing information. Medical professionals such as dentists, doctors, medical assistants, nurses and non-medical professionals all participate in our clinics.

Our educational clinics always take into account the needs of our patients. Particularly for children, understanding good nutritional habits and brushing techniques requires an enjoyable and engaging program. By working alongside our communities (not simply for them), we collaborate with native teachers and community leaders to implement effective educational clinics. Our clinics include components for capacity building that equip local oral health care workers to improve their services.

During each educational clinic, every attendee receives a tooth brush and toothpaste.

ZOS Fellowships

Beginning in 2018, Zosseo Overland Support will offer fellowships to East African dental and medical students. ZOS Fellows will accompany Dr. Joseph Zimmer on trips to gain practical experience and training, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the need for health care professionals in their country.

Data Collection

Reliable data collection and analysis shape our programs and inform where we travel. We collect data on all patients and communities served to continually assess the need for our presence. Furthermore, we welcome suggestions for improvement from each community we serve to increase satisfaction and improve the level of dental services that we offer.